Best Hip Replacement Surgeon in Ahmedabad

It’s coming next to knee joint replacement surgery. Articular surfaces of knee joint bones are replaced by an artificial joint.

Artificial joint contains four main parts:

  • Acetabular cup
  • Femoral stem
  • Femoral head
  • Plastic/Ceramic insert between them.

It comes in a cemented, cementless, and Hybrid variety.

Cemented joints are used in old age patients with osteoporosis while cementless joints are used in young patients with good bone quality.

Various companies are there in the market like Johanson & Johanson, Stryker, Zimmer, Max, Smith, and Nephew, Evolutis, etc.

Advantages of total hip replacement surgery:

  • Pain relief
  • Gait improvement
  • Cross leg sitting
  • Easy stairs climbing
  • Deformity correction

Recent advances in form of Dual mobility Hip joints allow the patient to cross-leg sit also.